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definition of a Funnel

A funnel refers to a series of touch points or 'steps' that move the visitor towards a specific conversion goal.  The individual steps are typically one or more landing pages, light-boxes  or emails in a logical progression.

What  Funnels Will Do for You

This section lays out the benefits and advantages that a switch to funnels will give any business.


Get You Focused on Conversions

Learn what works to increase conversions without worrying about design

Beginning with a single funnel  you can start work on making your entire website convert more of your visitors into leads, subscribers, & clients. One funnel at a time.


Begin Increasing Revenue

revenue increases with conversions

  • If your website converts at, let's say 1% , without funnels, that means 10 out of 1000 visitors becomes a customer. 
  • Increase your conversion to 2% using funnels, and that means you get 20 customers out the same 1000 visitors.

how can you get started using funnels?

Funnels Done for You

Done for you funnels begin with a consultation to discuss;

  • What you're selling
  • The number of touch points necessary for that funnel
  • The type of touch point necessary for each step

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are you more of the do-it-yourself type?

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Do It Yourself with Thrive

This entire website is built using the Thrive suite of tools. 

It is the fastest way to:

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